How We Select Projects

Selection Criteria

Individual projects are selected on the basis of several criteria:

  • Actual, or potential, severity of local environmental impacts due to the development project.
  • Technical precedent that might be established by changing a project.
  • Policy and legal precedent that might be established by changing a project.
  • Likelihood of affecting the outcome of the proposed development project by technical or legal intervention.
  • Availability of funding. 

Client Fees

Almost all foundations grants to CSP2 are project-specific.  In today’s funding climate CSP2 has virtually no funding to work on discretionary projects, so a funding source for significant work (10 hours or more, and all travel) must be identified.

From a practical standpoint this means that unless CSP2 has been funded by a foundation specifically to work with a client, CSP2 must ask most clients, including many public interest environmental groups, for compensation to pay for the time and project-related expenses of the Center. When this is necessary, it is usually done on contractual basis so that both CSP2 and the client know what services will be delivered, and the cost of these services.

If desired, CSP2 can work with a potential client to secure financial support from a foundation to pay for these technical services on a project basis.